As the region's exclusive producer of ECO-Printed® print work, we are committed to environmentally responsible practices that allow us to reduce waste and prevent pollution throughout the entire printing process.

100% Renewable Power
We are powered by 100% renewable energy. All electricity is generated either by our 90 on-site solar panels or purchased from renewable sources such as wind, solar, and local biomass.

Recycled Paper
We offer papers that are 100% post consumer recycled, FSC certified papers, alternative fiber papers, and papers made with 100% Green Energy.

Waste From Printing
We recycle 100% of the waste that is generated by our printing processes. Any waste printing that is sensitive in nature or has face value is shredded before it is recycled. In addition to recycling paper waste, we recycle all drums and ink cartridges after use. 

All of our lighting is from energy-efficient LED bulbs. 

Printing Processes
Our digital presses are designed to eliminate emissions of chemicals and greatly reduce noise during equipment use. The dry ink is non-toxic and does not generate hazardous waste.