File Submission Guidelines

For best print results and fastest production time, please submit:

  • PDF: print-ready single page (1 up)
  • Minimum 300dpi
  • CMYK profile
  • All fonts outlined or embedded
  • Minimum 1/8” (0.125”) bleed
  • All text and objects should be a minimum 1/8” (0.125") away from any cuts or folds
Bleed (A document which has images or elements that go to the edge of the page) 

A bleed extends beyone the trim edge of a piece and leaves no white margin, or border, around the finished piece. When a document 'bleeds' or has a bleed, it must be printed on a larger sheet of paper and them trimmed down to the final, desired size.

For example, a business card with full color bleed should produce a PDF that measures at least 2.125" x 3.625". The finished size for a standard business card is 2" x 3.5". Set the document size to whatever you want the finished size to be, and set your software for a 0.25" bleed. Make sure the image/color/element that you want to print to the edge of the paper spans to the outer margins. There should be no white border, crop marks, or other printer's marks.  

Setting up bleeds in InDesign: In Document Setup, set the width and height to your finished size, i.e. 8.5x11. Below that, where it asks for bleed and slug margins, enter 0.25 on all 4 entries. On your pasteboard, you will see guides for the bleed, edge of the page, and inside margins. When exporting to PDF, check the "Use Document Bleed Settings" box on the third option in the Adobe output window. 

Setting up bleeds in Photoshop: Set up your document to be 0.25 inches wider and taller than what you want the finished size to be. Set it for 300dpi and CMYK output. Layout your design accordingly, making sure that you have a minimum 1/8th inch (0.125") inside margin. Save as a Photoshop PDF.

Other Acceptable File Formats:
  • EPS with outlined fonts
  • Flattened JPEG and TIFF files

The following MUST include all fonts and links

  • Illustrator CS6 or earlier
  • InDesign CS6 or earlier
  • Photoshop CS6 or earlier
  • Quark Express 9 or earlier

Compressed or ZIP files

  • Save your document as a PDF file
  • If using bleeds include bleed margins in PDF output dialog (crop marks and printer's marks are not necessary)
  • Compress your file using a compression tool such as WinZip for PC or Stuff-it for Mac
  • If submitting something other than PDF, be sure to include all links and font files, then compress the folder

Getting us the File

  • E-mail
  • For files over 10 MB, upload the file to our website. Go to and choose upload file link on the left panel. Then browse your computer for your file. Be sure to type your name and e-mail in the required fields.
  • You can also use a file sharing program such as Dropbox and send us a shared link via email.

Color Matching

If color matching is critical, please bring us a color accurate sample for reference, or provide Pantone numbers.