As the region's exclusive producer of ECO-Printed® print work, we are committed to environmentally responsible printing practices that allow us to reduce waste and prevent pollution throughout the entire printing process.

We Use 100% Renewable Power
We are powered by 100% renewable e
nergy. All of our power is generated either by our solar panels, or purchased from renewable sources such as wind, solar, and local biomass.

Offset Printing
Our Quickmaster DI presses are revolutionary four color, waterless offset printing presses. This system allows us to achieve an unparalleled level of waste reduction while still producing top quality printing. In this process, electronic files are sent directly from the computer to the presses. No conventional film, plates, or related hazardous chemistry is used. The DI prints utilizing vegetable based inks with organic pigments on recycled paper. We are the only local offset printing company that does not have a regular pickup of harsh chemicals from Safety-Kleen.

Digital Printing
Our Xerox digital presses are designed to strictly control emissions of chemicals and noise during equipment use. They have chemical emission levels that are well below global regulatory requirements. Xerox dry ink toner is non-toxic and does not generate hazardous waste (based on U.S. Federal regulations). This is the result of careful selection of materials and control of the raw material ingredients. We recyle all toner cartridges after use. 

Recycled Paper
Most of the papers we keep in stock have recycled content. We also have access to papers that are 100% post consumer recycled, FSC certified papers and alternative fiber papers, as well as papers made with 100% Green Energy.